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Monday, July 26 2021
How to Get the Best Price For Your Items at a Pawn Shop

Whether you need money fast or want to exchange items you don’t need for quick cash, pawn shops are an excellent solution. You can either sell your items outright or use the item as collateral on a pawn loan.

But regardless of your reason for visiting a pawn shop, it never hurts to do things that can get you a better price.

To help you out, here are a few tips to get more dollars for your items.

1. Do Your Homework

First, do some research on your item. Learn more about its history and any other relevant facts.

Then, look online on sites like eBay for similar items that recently sold.

Both of these pieces of information can help you nail down a price that leaves both you and the pawn shop happy. Being informed about your item also helps you negotiate your price a bit higher.

2. Clean and Fix Up the Item

It’s simple: a clean item in perfect condition will fetch more money than the same one with scuffs, marks, or other issues.

Thus, you should clean items off at the very least before bringing them in.

Make any repairs if you can as well. You might not be able to restore an item to mint condition, but you can make said item more attractive to the eye or easier to use — both of which help you get a better price.

3. Bring Documentation

Selling a high-ticket item like jewelry? Have it appraised ahead of time and bring that report in with you to the pawn shop. You’ll have proof to back up your asking price.

This also goes for collectible items, like art or trading cards. Any documentation proving value, rarity, and other similar traits can help you secure a higher selling price.

4. Include Peripheral Items

For example, if you’re selling a computer to a pawn shop, bring its power cord and any other peripherals that might go with it. Not only does more items equal more money… but pawn shops might hand you even more since the other items you’re providing complement the main item.

5. Go to the Right Place

You can do all the other things right and still not get the price you’re looking for if you don’t visit the right pawnbroker.

Some pawnbrokers specialize in certain items or are located in areas where particular items are in high demand. For example, a pawn store specializing in musical instruments may give you a better price than one that doesn’t usually buy them.

With this in mind, there’s no need to take up your first offer at a pawn shop. You can shop around and try to find a better deal.

Now, if it’s jewelry or precious metals you’re pawning or selling in Philadelphia, Cash Express is the place to go. We especially love gold, coins, and various jewelry pieces, but we’re also happy to look at computers, watches, tools, and antique items.

If you have any of those and you want the best possible price, visit Cash Express today!

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