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Wednesday, December 27 2023
What Can I Pawn for $500?


In a review of Cash Express’ history, one of the most common goals is raising $500. Before you start looking through your goods, remember that you can bring more than one item to reach your $500 goal. Sometimes, that bundle is much easier to assemble vs. finding one BIG item. 


When you think about pawning, there are a couple of important matters to know. For one, not all stores take all goods. Try to find an outlet that’s a “one-stop shop” instead of having to run around. If you’re not sure, call ahead and see if the shop is looking for items like those you currently have. 


Here is a list of potential items pawnshops accept:


  • Antiques: A painting, chair, unusual lamp, coins, carvings, and more. Look at Antiques by Ark’s for ideas.

  • Cards: Older decks and card games with all their components may move you toward that $500 goal.

  • Clothing and Handbags (designer). People find the most amazing pieces in a hope chest, attic, or the back of their closets. The key in this category is authentication since there are many knock-offs.

  • Comic Books: collecting comic books can turn into a lucrative venture. The items in their original sleeve and without blemish are the real gems. If you have any priced at 12c, 15c, 20c, or 25c, it’s a good bet you’ll get a solid offer. 

  • Electronics. Items like smartphones, TVs, computers, digital cameras, and gaming systems are usually “hot” items as long as they are in good working condition. 

  • Furniture: You’ll need a pawnshop with a showroom (usually) to sell these items. Your best bet is to take a picture and share it with the shop. Note: If it smells or has obvious stains, you will get less. One popular era is mid-century modern. 

  • Musical instruments. In areas with schools, students (or their parents) always look for affordable instruments. Things like guitars, violins, flutes, and drums can fetch a pretty penny. Don’t forget microphones and speakers.

  • Power tools: Do you have a set of Craftsman tools lying around? They’re worth the money. Combine them with a few other carefully used tools, and you’re heading toward $500.

  • Precious jewelry made from silver, gold, and platinum. Look through bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

  • Sports gear: Not skiing anymore? Are you tired of snowboarding? What about paintball guns, golf equipment, or camping equipment? All of these bring a fair value when pawning. 

  • Vehicles: If your car, motorcycle, mountain bike, or boat is in good condition and you have a clear title (no loans), a vehicle can raise more than $500 easily.

About Cash Express

Our specialization is providing loans on jewelry, watches, precious metals, and gems. You can see some of our selection here, at our showroom.

Our staff is well trained and service-oriented. We have appraisers on-site for things like gems, rings, and designer items. This and our amazing selection make us the #1 pawn shop in Philadelphia. Email us for information, or call (215) 922-1560.

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Thursday, December 14 2023
What to Watch Out for if Purchasing a Musical Instrument From a Pawn Shop


Thinking about purchasing a musical instrument from a local ​pawnshop? At Cash Express, we have people coming in regularly seeking a good instrument at a reasonable price. When you shop, there are things to watch out for so you can make the best deal possible. 


  • Wear and tear: You want intact parts and functionality. Inspect the piece for signs of poor maintenance or damage. Cracks, dents, warps, sticking keys, dirt, grime, and loose strings can all prove problematic. They may require further maintenance outside the store to resolve. 

  • Rusting: If the instrument you’re considering has metal components (like woodwinds), inspect for signs of corrosion. Such parts reveal either poor maintenance or exposure to harsh (or damp) conditions and may affect the instrument's performance and longevity.

  • Branding: There are certain high-value instruments, so of course, you’ll come across counterfeit ones. See if the instrument has any history (proof of provenance) or a maker's mark. If you have a specific item in mind, research it beforehand. If you’re at the store and unsure, ask if you can bring in an expert for inspection.

  • Market Value: We have a gallery of products you can look at before coming to the store. Our pricing for instruments depends on the brand, age, rarity, and condition. You can compare prices online to see if you’re being offered a reasonable deal. If not, negotiate.

  • Smells: Nasty smells may indicate mold or mildew, either of which can damage an instrument. 

  • Store Returns: Does the pawnshop have a policy about returning something within a set amount of time should you discover a big problem? This protects you from having to spend large sums on repairs.

  • Legal Ownership: Ask for the original pawn ticket (or bill of sale). This proves the shop legally owns the piece, meaning it has the right to sell it.

  • Personal Assessment: Not all instruments are for all people. A violin, for example, may feel great for one player while someone else isn’t so thrilled. A lot of this is personal taste and an understanding of sound quality. Also, sound can indicate a problem, like buzzing.

Your evaluation is essential. If the piece needs considerable restoration, that’s a point for negotiation (what will you have to pay for repair after purchase?).

By the way, if you have any items you want to pawn (sell), you can use that value toward your purchase. Start there so you know how much you have in ready cash. 

About Cash Express

In the pawnshop industry, reputation matters. The positive feedback we consistently get from our customers is one of the reasons we’re the #1 pawnshop in the Philadelphia region. When you come to our shop, you can expect friendly, knowledgeable staff who are happy to answer your questions. More importantly, we strive for satisfaction. There is no hurry to jump into a purchase if you’re uncertain. 

There are three ways you can get in touch with us for further information:

Phone: (215) 922-1560


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