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Friday, June 28 2019
How Do I Get A Loan With No Credit?

Ideally, everyone would have all the money they need all the time and no one would need to borrow money.

But let’s face it: everyone comes up short on cash sometimes. 

When this happens to you, you’re usually stuck with one of two options: either pawn off your valuables to a place like Cash Express or take out a short-term loan.

Deciding to sell valuable can be hard if they have sentimental value attached to them. Imagine how heartbreaking it must be to trade in a family heirloom just to hold you over until your next paycheck! Most people aren’t willing to do that. 

And then there are also people who don’t really have any valuables to sell. Both these people and those who don’t want to sell precious items are left with one choice: seeking out a loan.

However, getting a loan when you have either a bad credit history or no credit history at all is difficult. Most lenders don’t want to take a chance on people who are bad with debt nor do they want to hand out money to those who haven’t proved their creditworthiness yet.

You get stuck in a vicious cycle of “I need to build credit to get credit, but to build credit I need to get credit first”.

One solution is to seek out a credit builder loan. These loans let people with no credit history prove creditworthiness by paying monthly for the loan and only getting access to the money once it’s paid off. They aren’t built for getting you money right away, unfortunately, so these won’t serve you well in a pinch.

You could try for a personal loan, but the application process takes a few days since lenders have to process your application and perform credit checks. Not only does this take a few days, but good luck getting a personal loan without any credit history.

Credit unions are more willing to take chances on you if you have a questionable credit history, but they tend to have restrictions on the amount you can borrow. If you need a lot of money quickly, credit unions might not be able to provide you with the funds.

Is there any way to quickly get a loan with no credit to avoid selling off precious items just to keep you afloat?

Believe it or not, you can actually use your prized possessions to get the money you need without selling them using a pawn loan from a pawn shop like Cash Express. We hold your items as collateral for the loan so you don’t have to sell them to get the money.

Almost any item will do, whether you have a rare coin, an old book, a fancy watch, or even a car! 

To get a pawn loan, first bring your item or items you’d like to take the loan against into our shop. We’ll appraise the value of the items to determine how much we’ll loan you, just like we would if you were selling it to us. If you accept our offer, you can walk out with cash in hand the same day. All you need to do to get your items back is repay the pawn loan and we’ll return them to you.

There are no credit checks or lengthy application process for pawn loans. Just walk in, get your items appraised, and walk out with your money within an hour or two.

So if you don’t have a credit history and find yourself in a financial pinch, bring your items to Cash Express and we’ll see if we can get you the money you need.

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Friday, June 14 2019
Buying Tools At A Pawn Shop Can Save You Money

Power tools are essential for DIY projects around the house, as well as fixing things that break. Anything from plumbing issues, to building a desk from scratch, to managing your landscape is nearly impossible without the right power tools.

But new power tools carry a hefty price. If you need a whole set of power tools, new ones could set you back a paycheck or two. A quality drill alone could run you over $200! When you’re trying to do some home improvement on a budget, that just isn’t feasible.

Buying used power tools at pawn shops makes it easy to build up your toolset without going broke. Most pawn shops will have exactly what you need for much less than what you’d find if you were buying brand new tools. In addition, non-power tools like screwdrivers and hammers are an even better deal. Prices on these non-power tools can be so low that you won’t even notice the impact on your wallet.

Many people in the market for power tools hesitate on purchasing used tools due to safety and reliability concerns. However, power tools are designed to last for the long haul. They’re engineered to take a lot of punishment over many years, which is part of the reason they’re so expensive as new in the first place.

If a power tool is at the end of it’s life, then it’s probably made it’s way to the garbage instead of a shelf. And then of course non-power tools last even longer due to not needing a power source to use them.

Cash Express has a ton of power tools that you can get for much less than you could get them at a home improvement store. Drills, circular saws, and tape measures are just some of the things we have available. You can walk out with the toolset you need within an hour or so without breaking the bank.

If you have bought power tools and no longer need them, we can get you a good price for them too. That way, you can recoup some of the money you spent on those new tools and offload things you no longer need.

So for those of you looking to do some projects around the house, pay a visit to a pawn shop like Cash Express to grab the tools you need without breaking the bank. And if you have tools you no longer need, we’ll gladly get you a fair price on those as well.

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Tuesday, May 28 2019
Make Money With Your Unwanted Jewelry This Summer

It can be surprising how quickly people can accrue jewelry that may end up being unwanted in their lives, and then not know what to do with it. It is difficult to just “get rid of” something that could be worth a lot of money potentially, or might have lost the sentimental value that was attached to it. Whether you need some extra cash, want to clean out and refresh your jewelry collection, or are trying to downsize, a pawn shop might be the best option for you. Rather than trying to assess the value on your own and wait for someone looking for a bargain to purchase on eBay or Craigslist, your local pawnbroker will be able to give you a payout on the spot, and a fair price since they will be knowledgeable about jewelry value. 

So, how much will you get for your jewelry? It depends on a couple things, most importantly quality of materials. First, let’s talk about gold. You will always be able to make a decent sum of money from gold jewelry, although the exact value can rise and fall according to the market. 24 karat gold will of course bring in more money than something that is only gold-plated. But any kind of gold jewelry will always be popular, and if you are in need of money or want to get rid of some jewelry that does not fit your style a pawn broker will be able to help you out.

Watches can bring in a tidy sum of money, especially if they are a popular or luxury brand name. Make sure that the watch is in good condition and working order. Patek Philippe, Piaget, Rolex, Seiko, and Swatch will all be good options to pawn since they are in demand, as well as other big brand names. 

Diamonds are always a great option for pawning. They will always have a relatively high value in the market and are a popular item to buy, so a pawn broker will give you a good price for yours. When you’re thinking about the value of your diamond, consider the four C’s. That is, use the clarity, cut, carat, and color to come up with a price estimation. This is a good system for considering most gems like rubies and tanzanite, as well. 

Antiques always depend on the location. Make sure to look for a pawn shop that has a good demographic for selling antiques, or else neither of you will be able to land on an appealing deal. 

In preparation for taking your jewelry to the pawn store, there is a little preparation you can do to make the process smooth for everyone. Evaluate how much your items are worth in the market, and then understand that a pawn broker may not be able to offer you the top price if the item isn’t selling particularly well in your area. Then, make sure to clean all of your jewelry to present them in the best light and quality possible. Then, sit back and let your pawn broker take care of your unwanted jewelry!

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Tuesday, May 14 2019
How to sell your spring cleaning at a pawn shop

As the weather warms up, the birds start chirping again, and the flowers bloom, spring brings a feeling of refresh. Many take this opportunity to comb through their houses and get a little spring cleaning out of the way. There are a lot of ways to purge what you don’t want from your house, but have you thought of making a little cash on the side? Not by having a yard sale and simply hoping that someone will come by and take an interest in something — you can take your items to a pawn shop and ensure that you will be getting a fair exchange.

Pawn shops aren’t just for short term loans. You can sell your items to your local pawnbroker and save yourself a lot of hassle. Before you bring in your unwanted goods, though, there are a couple of things to consider. Pawnbrokers are running a business selling items that have more than just sentimental value, which means they typically will not offer a high price for “collectible” things like Beanie Babies, baseball pennants, Hot Wheels cars, Precious Moments figurines, marbles, and Cabbage Patch Kids. 

It’s also important to realize that pawn shops are not a place to get a few dollars out of your old trashed stuff. Pawnbrokers are trying to offer quality items for their customers and will not want your broken, torn, stained, or nonfunctional castoffs. Vintage doesn’t just mean old, so try and make sure you present your items in the best quality possible by cleaning them off.

Pawn shops consider their customer base when deciding what to buy, based on what sells well in their area. Prices in higher demand will, of course, go for a higher price. This varies from location to location, but items that always tend to go for a higher value include antique Fiestaware, American Girl dolls (quality is key here — dolls in the box garner the highest value), vintage video games, modern electronics like Apple products, depression glass, antique toys, sports memorabilia (autographs increase value), and gold and silver jewelry. So try going through your attic for those old instruments and childhood memorabilia taking up space, or clean out your garage and take power tools you don’t need to your local pawnbroker.

You could attempt to put your items on Craigslist and eBay and hope for the best, spend a lot of time and effort advertising on Depop and Poshmark only to pay for shipping, or drag all of your unwanted items out for a garage sale that will only attract bargain hunters. Instead, you can turn your clutter into immediate cash by taking it over to your local pawn broker, whose job it is to know the value of anything people bring in and give a good deal. Gather up those unwanted items and give them a try! You’ll walk away with a clean house, a clear mind, and a pocketful of cash.

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Saturday, April 20 2019
How Do Pawn Shops Determine Value?

When you decide to pawn an item for some quick cash, it helps to know what to expect in terms of a return. One item may go for slightly different prices depending on your area and what is in demand, but there are a couple of standard ways to understand how pawn shops determine value. The main thing to remember is that sentimental value does not mean cash value, depending on the item. However, if you are a repeat customer or the heirloom quality is obvious, your pawnbroker has the flexibility to factor that into the worth of the item. No matter what, do not expect to get full retail value for anything you bring in, because the worth depends on so many things besides initial market value. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth bringing your items in — your local pawn shop is always ready to help you out in a pinch!

The first thing a pawnbroker is going to check is the quality of your item. You are obviously not going to get as much money for an item showing a lot of wear and tear than an item that is in pristine condition. Another aspect up for consideration is the probability of selling your item. If you have scuba diving gear in the middle of Kansas, there’s a good chance that most people are not going to be interested in buying it.


Also, consider whether your item is outdated or will be quickly. Although electronics are always a welcome item in a pawn shop, they can quickly become outdated depending on what it is. Computers, tablets, and phones can be a gamble since they are updated frequently. DVD/Blu-ray players and video game consoles are more consistent as most can usually run several generations of technology. 

Will you be retrieving your item after pawning it? That is done thing that pawnbrokers have to take into consideration for resale value. Explaining the background of your item will help to determine that. Also, pawnbrokers will check several databases to determine the value of the item you are wanting to pawn and what they can give to you in return. One helpful resource is eBay, and it can be helpful to check this website for similar items before you take your pieces in to the store so you have an idea of the outcome and whether it is worth it for the both of you. Pawnbrokers rely on several other sources besides eBay, including other internet sites, guidebooks, and their own personal experience. 

Because pawnbrokers have specific expertise, some may be extremely familiar with the sales of gold and silver while others may know more about electronics, guns, or gemstones. If you know that your item fits a certain niche that is in demand, search for a pawnbroker with a good knowledge of your item so you can make sure to get the best value and information.

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Sunday, April 14 2019
What Pawn Shops Do and Don't Want

If you’re considering pawning one of your items to your local pawn shop, there are a few variables to consider. FIrst, it’s important to realize that pawn shops in different locations have different markets, and will pay different prices for the same item. It’s also important to think about what’s in demand in your area. Then, you need to assess whether your item has market value, or is mostly valuable in a sentimental sense. 

These variables will change depending on the location, but there are some items that every pawn shop will find desirable and that no pawn shop will want to take off your hands at all. Keep reading for tips on what pawn shops do and do not want.

As for what pawn shops don’t want… the main thing to remember is that sentimental value does not equal retail value. Just because your Beanie Babies, baseball cards, or special painting means a lot to you does not mean another customer at the pawn shop will want to purchase it. 

Pawn shops also do not want clothes or shoes, even if they are designer sneakers or a luxury gown. The reason for this is that these items will only fit a small number of customers since it relies on size, and will therefore limit the number of people who would be willing to purchase the item. Clothing takes up space that a typical pawn shop does not have to spare and is better served as a donation. Similarly, pawn shops do not have room for large appliances such as refrigerators, which take up a lot of space and need an expertise to assess that the pawn shop owner might not possess. Furniture is also too large.

Now that we’ve taken care of what not to bring, let’s discuss what is in demand in most pawn shops now. Once again, it pays to think about the location and interests of the customers that the pawn shops attract. But all pawn shops will accept jewelry, watches and precious metals, especially gold, silver and platinum. Diamonds and other gemstones are always a reliable option to pawn as well, as these materials gain value over time.  

Firearms are always a popular choice for pawn shops, for good reason. Americans love their guns, and who doesn’t want to be a part of the true American spirit? If you have firearms accumulating dust in a safe, those are always a good choice to bring to the pawn shop. 

Another American staple is electronics. If you have a television you no longer use or a gaming system that doesn’t get the play time it used to,n bring them over to your local pawn shop for some quick cash! Video games and phones are popular items that will always possess a certain amount of value as well. Finally, power tools are also a good choice, because the average American can’t afford brand-new power tools and is definitely looking for a cheaper option. 

Now that you know what is and is not a good option to take into a pawn shop, it’s time to take in some items and try pawning!

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Monday, March 25 2019
How to Get a Pawn Loan with No Credit

     Applying for a loan can be really scary for a lot of people, and big banks certainly don’t help in taking the edge off. If your credit score isn’t sky-high, if your history of debt isn’t squeaky clean, and if your income isn’t earth-shattering, banks have a way of making you feel so small; not worth their time, and certainly not worthy of a loan. So, how do you get a personal loan without being squeaky-clean by big bank standards? What if you have no credit? 

    Consider a collateral-backed loan acquired through a pawn shop. A collateral-backed loan simply means that you supply a valued item or asset to the lender (in this case, the pawn shop) in exchange for the loan. Once you pay back the loan, you get your item back. It’s that simple. And at most pawn shops you can get a collateral-backed pawn loan with no credit at all. Applying for a collateral-backed loan at a pawn shop is (unlike at major banks) a very straightforward process: it’s a no-stress, no-frills loan arrangement that gets you cash liquidity quickly. 

    So, what do you use as collateral? There’s a common misconception that you need to (or at the very least should) pawn gold as collateral, and it’s easy to see why: gold is very easy to value – there’s no debating what your gold is worth. But there are a lot of things that pawn shops will take as collateral in exchange for a loan. Valuable antiques like baseball cards or other vintage collectibles can be fairly easily appraised and can carry great value. Jewelry is also fairly easy to appraise. Or get creative: consider supplying tools, musical instruments, or even furniture pieces in exchange for a fast loan at your local pawn shop. You’d amazed at the value that some of these items can carry, and oftentimes going without them for a short amount of time while you pay back your loan just isn’t that big of a deal. 

    The collateral-backed pawn loan is a stellar option when you need fast cash, but be warned: it does come with a certain amount of risk. Before you jump at the opportunity, know that an inability to pay back your loan in the time allotted could result in forfeiture of the collateral. If you’re considering using a prized piece of jewelry or family heirloom as collateral, think very carefully about what it would mean (and how you would feel) if you did not pay back your loan and had to forfeit that beloved item.     Nevertheless, sometimes you need to take the risk and get that cash fast. If, for example, your car was to break down unexpectedly and need serious repair for you to get back on the road, you’d need to have cash (fast) in order to pay for that repair. You could use a collateral-backed loan to take care of the repair and pay it back slowly over time. Some pawn shops will even arrange with you to use the car itself as collateral, and even let you continue to drive it! You might also encounter unexpected injury or illness, and those healthcare bills can certainly add up. Cover your healthcare costs quickly with a collateral-backed loan from your neighborhood pawn shop. 

    No matter what your need is, the qualified folks at Cash Express Pawn Shop are here to help. Come talk to us about your loan needs and we’ll be happy to go over options and explore what a collateral-backed loan might look like for you.

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Thursday, March 14 2019
Why is Philly Pawn Shop So Great? 

     There tend to be a lot of misconceptions around pawn shops. Firstly, there’s a pervasive idea that fundamentally, a pawn shop is a place to buy and sell old jewelry, and not much else. This could not be further from the truth: pawn shops deal in an incredibly wide range of goods, and as a result, they’re a really fun place to shop! You never quite know what you might find at your nearby neighborhood pawn shop. Second, a lot of people tend to feel that there isn’t a whole lot of regulation around a pawn shop, particularly when it comes to doing collateral-backed loans through pawn shops. This, too, is incredibly false. Pawn shops are highly regulated and are therefore an incredibly safe and effective place to turn to if you’re in need of fast cash. Cash Express Pawn in Philly is a long-standing, trusted and respected establishment with a reputation for dealing in exceptional goods of high quality in a way that’s honest, fair and effective. If you’re ready to sell, are in need of a loan, or just want to shop, it’s the place to go!

The Fun of Buying (or Selling) At Cash Express Pawn

    Pawn shops: they’re just for Grandma’s pearls and selling gold, right? Wrong! Yes, pawn shops do deal in jewelry, and it’s not surprising why: jewelry is easy to appraise and oftentimes has great value. So if you’ve got jewelry that you’re no longer attached to and are curious about what it might be worth, come in! The folks at Cash Express will give you an honest and no-pressure assessment of your valuables and can talk to you about what selling (or loaning) your jewelry could do for you in terms of acquiring fast cash. 

    But there’s so much more you can buy and sell at a pawn shop. Baseball cards, musical instruments, electronics, tools, antiques, or even furniture: all of these can have a surprising amount of value and good pawn shops like Cash Express would be happy to talk to you about selling or loaning them. That said, the pawn shop is also a fun place to go shopping, especially if you’re on the hunt for a particular gift. Looking for a certain tool for your dad, or maybe a gently-used piano or drum kit for your kids?  Try the pawn shop: you’ll be amazed at the wide inventory of like-new or very gently-used items that make stellar gifts (at a fraction of retail cost). 

Cash Express Pawn: Trusted and Reliable for Selling (or Loaning)

     Pawn shops are highly regulated, and good pawn shops like Cash Express Pawn in Philly take that as a point of pride: they’re a trusted and reliable place to do business and will give you a fair and honest deal every time. If you’re ready to part ways with a valuable that you’ve had for a while, you can trust that Cash Express Pawn will give your item a fair appraisal and will be transparent with you about its valuation every step of the way.

    What’s more, if you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to those precious items, you don’t have to! Cash Express Pawn can give you a safe, low-interest collateral-backed loan for your items: once you pay off your loan, you get your item right back! It’s a low-risk option if you’re in need of fast cash but don’t necessarily want to sell your prized possession. And you don’t even need credit to do it! The application process is very easy and very transparent, and the talented staff at Cash Express can sit down with you and explain the entire loan process to you without pressuring you to commit. We’re here to educate, and when you feel it’s time that you got that collateral-backed loan, we can help!

    Pawn shops are awesome, and Cash Express Pawn is here to make buying and selling a fun, stress-free experience every time. Come visit us today to find out what amazing inventory we’ve got in store, and what incredible offers we’re ready to give for your sold (or loaned) valuables. 

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Thursday, February 28 2019
What is Your Jewelry Worth? 

     If you’re like a lot of folks, you’ve probably come into possession of jewelry that you don’t know the value of. Perhaps a relative has passed down their prized heirlooms, or maybe you received a gift of jewelry from someone: either way, you weren’t there for the purchase, you don’t know where the jewelry came from or how it was made, and so you’re unsure of its real value. You could be sitting on a treasure trove of coveted items and have no idea. So, how do you find out what your jewelry is worth? 

     Fine jewelry can have its value ascribed through a jewelry appraisal. An appraisal gives you proven documentation of the worth of your piece: a certified appraiser will inspect the jewelry item, looking at a number of important factors, and then will determine its value. He or she will then supply you with your documentation: this proves the value of your pieces so that you can sell or pawn them later at the certified, appraised price point that accurately reflects their real value.

     So, what is a jewelry appraiser looking for? There are a lot of things that determine the value of a piece of jewelry, and depending upon what it is (a ring versus a necklace, for example), the appraised characteristics might differ. Generally, appraisers will consider the overall condition of the piece, the characteristics of the gemstones used, and the metals used in creating the setting. The documentation provided to you upon completion will explain exactly what was assessed so that you understand how the appraiser arrived at the ultimate piece value. And that’s all there is to it! Your piece now has an official value. 

    Having appraised your piece does not obligate you to then sell the piece; in fact, sometimes getting an appraisal is a great step to take in helping you determine that you don’t want to sell your piece. You might find that your piece is not worth what you thought it was and that selling won’t ultimately be as profitable as you’d imagined. Or you might find that your treasured jewel or family heirloom is worth much more than you’d originally projected. Either way, knowing the appraised value of your piece gives you options. Having an appraisal is also vital if you want to insure your jewels: items can’t be covered unless their value is certified and documented, and so insurers will require that you have your jewelry appraised first. 

     So if you’re sitting on some jewelry that needs to be assessed, pursue an appraisal: knowing the value of pieces will give you options and allow you to make choices knowledgeably. No matter what you decide to do with your fine jewelry, the qualified folks at Cash Express can help you understand the value of your treasured pieces so you can make better long-term financial decisions with your items. We’re happy to answer questions and are here to ensure that your items are appropriately assessed and accurately valued every time you come in.

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Thursday, February 14 2019
Buying Instruments at Pawn Shops

    Are you ready to dive into a new musical hobby? Or maybe you’re already quite the proficient instrumentalist and feel that it’s time you stepped up your musicianship by investing in a really quality instrument. Either way, buying a musical instrument doesn’t need to be stressful. You can find a high-quality instrument that’s in great shape and is perfect for you without breaking the bank: just turn to your local pawn shop to find the instrument of your dreams. 

    There are a number of reasons why the pawn shop is an excellent (and relatively overlooked) choice for musical instrument shopping. Most notably, it’s one of the only places where shopping for musical instruments allows you to haggle. Maybe you’ve got your heart set on a Fender guitar, but you can’t afford to spend “new Fender” money. That’s okay! Find a Fender at your local pawn shop and talk to the broker – it’s quite likely that they’ll be able to arrange a deal that gets you the guitar you love at a price point that’s agreeable to you. Working with pawn shops also allows you to trade as a part of your instrument purchase – if you’ve got an older or well-used instrument at home and are ready to trade up, put that instrument towards a new one! Only pawn shops allow this level of haggling: at your local Fender dealer, the price is the price, no matter what.

  So why aren’t more people shopping for their instruments at pawn shops? Well, there seems to be a pervasive misconception among a lot of new or novice musicians that the instruments available at pawn shops are second-rate or very badly used. This definitely isn’t the case. In fact, most instrument inventory at pawn shops tends to be newer and relatively untouched. Why? Because, fundamentally, musicians who are serious about their craft don’t pawn off their instruments often: they keep them for the long haul. More often, the instruments that end up at pawn shops got very little use (and that’s why they’re being pawned off). A lot of parents buy their children only the best, high-end instruments brands, only to learn later on that their kids don’t really like music class at all. That’s how “like new” Selmer saxophones, Pearl drum kits, and Gibson guitars end up at pawn shops. In fact, the only real difference between a lot of these instruments and ones you’d buy directly from the manufacturer is the price point. You can save some serious money by buying a beautiful, barely-touched instrument at a pawn shop. 

 Now it’s true: occasionally a very old, very used instrument ends up at a pawn shop and needs a new home. This certainly isn’t a bad thing, especially if you’re a new musician. Worn instruments aren’t necessarily of lesser quality or harder to play, and at a pawn shop, you can get an older instrument at a rock-bottom price. Consider spending minimally on your new instrument at the pawn shop and then taking it for a tune-up if it really needs it: a lot of music shops can give older instruments a quick fix relatively inexpensively. The trumpet or viola that you spent peanuts on might just need a quick clean-up for it to be the perfect instrument for you. 

  So whether you’re a seasoned musician or you’re just starting out, don’t think twice about where to shop for that perfect instrument. Talk to the folks at Cash Express about finding the instrument of your dreams at a price that’s reasonable for you.    

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